Fair Food Week 16 – 26th Oct 2015

What is Fair Food Week?

Australia’s Fair Food Week shines a light on our new story of food.


Over the week — 16-25 October 2015 — you will discover events across the country that will attract, intrigue and entertain you:

  • forums
  • workshops
  •  speakers
  •  films
  •  farmers’ fairs
  •  food swaps
  •  community garden and farm tours
  •  and more, much more.

Let’s put food sovereignty on the Australian table so farmers can keep farming… so that young people will feel encouraged to go into farming… and so that family farmers around the world know that we are acting for their sovereignty.

It’s time to shine the light on the new story of fair food flourishing across Australia.

Check out events around Australia at - http://fairfoodweek.org.au/ecategory/2015/

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