growing healthy food at home

Growing Healthy Food at Home

Our backyards can provide us with herbs, fruit and vegetables without us having to break our backs or commit our Sundays. Once it is up and running, about an hour a week is all that’s needed. What could be more convenient than being able to pick your green groceries from your own backyard? It’s also cheaper, healthier, and much, much better for the planet. And, you can swap your surplus food crops with neighbours and friends, so it’s good for our community all round.

Sustainable garden designs that can enhance the productivity of our suburban back yards include:

Herb Spiral

Build yourself a herb spiral near the kitchen door and plant it out with your favourite herbs including rosemary, basil, coriander, sage, parsley and mint. Add some marigolds for colour and pest control. Place a stepping stone on the outer layer of the spiral to help you access the inner herbs.

keyhole garden

Key Hole Bed

Raised key-hole bed, densely planted with companion plants: marigolds are inter-planted with basil and nasturtiums.

Companion planting

Companion planting creates a diversity of species within the garden. It involves carefully arranging plants so that they assist with each others growth, by reducing pest numbers and creating favourable growing conditions.