Local Educators and Advocates

Education and Advocacy

There are many programs in communities that are dedicated to support and improve health in communities through to promoting effective nutrition education and advocacy. This also may include sharing different strategies, expressing different views as well as collecting important information about the particular problems in community that would be applicable to policy makers.

Education and Advocacy


- Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance www.foodsovereigntyalliance.org

- Public Health Association of Australia www.phaa.net.au

- Right to Food Coalition > www.righttofood.org.au

- Sydney Food Fairness Alliance > www.sydneyfoodfairness.org.au

Resources / Education

Heart Foundation > www.heartfoundation.org.au

- Fair Food Forager www.fairfoodforager.com.au

- Illawarra Biodiversity and Local Food Strategy >

- Nutrition Australia > www.nutritionaustralia.org

- Open Colleges >

- Organic Gardening course > www.sydney.newcastle.edu.au/course/ORGA