eat organic – grow organic

Eat Organic – Grow Organic

Nowadays, more and more evidence is emerging of the effect that chemicals in our food have on our health including the rise in asthma, eczema and allergies. Cancer patients are also advised by doctors to eat organic food. Children are particularly susceptible to additives in food, as all the safety levels of chemicals in food are set at an adult level. It is what hasn’t been added to organic food that makes it good for you. And importantly, certified organic food cannot be genetically modified.

Look for ‘certified organic’ written on food labels and packaging at the Supermarket. The word ‘organic’ on its own can mean a number of different things and does not necessarily mean that a food product has been made organically.

The Certification logos to look out for are:

logo biological farmers of Australia
Demeter Logo
Biological Farmers of Australia