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Tullimbar Community Garden

Community gardens

Tullimbar Village residents first started moving into the new houses during 2008 and by 2009 there was interest amongst them to create a community garden. The Tullimbar Community Garden is a great example of new housing development has incorporated the interest of the new residents and supported the idea of a community garden. The garden has continued to thrive, providing a great community focus, a place to grow healthy produce and a place to demonstrate to children the value and techniques of sustainably growing fresh fruit and vegetables.

Access: Open to Tullimar residents only.

Activities: Working bees – gardeners are contacted prior to activity.

What They Offer

Tullimbar Residents Only Sustainable Fresh Produce Working Bees

Contact Details

Tullimbar Village
0428 881 626

Together towards a fair food system

The Illawarra holds endless opportunities to participate in fair food. For health, for the environment, or for our community - we all can play a role!

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