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Advocate, Educate & Support – Sustainable Food

There are many opportunities for us to change how ethical and sustainable food is supported in the Illawarra and Australia-wide. Advocacy, education and support can happen at schools, between friends, at work, within organisations and at any level of government. Start a conversation in your local community, talk to your friends, colleagues and peers, share information or write to your local councillors and Members of Parliament. You can:

Talk to friends, colleagues and peers about:

  • What food is currently in season and where to buy it.
  • Sharing season recipes and meal ideas.

Talk to local businesses about:

  • Businesses showcasing seasonal produce.
  • Businesses showcasing which seafood is sustainably caught.
  • Businesses showcasing sustainably produced meats.
  • Businesses sourcing sustainable game meat.

Talk to school and university staff about:

  • Educating students on seasonality.
  • Educating students on the impacts of unsustainable production.
  • Educating students on how to identify sustainably-produced food.

Write to your local council or Members of Parliament about:

  • Developing sustainability guidelines for food purchased by local, state and federal government institutions.
  • Sustainability considerations for catering at council events and council-supported community activities.
  • Sustainability considerations for catering at state and federal government events and community activities.
  • Promotion of local and sustainable food production.