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Advocate, Educate & Support – Minimising Waste

There are many opportunities for us to support waste minimisation. Advocacy, education and support can happen at schools, between friends, at work, within organisations and at any level of government. Start a conversation in your local community, talk to your friends, colleagues and peers, share information or write to your local councillors and Members of Parliament. You can:

Talk to your friends, colleagues and peers about:

  • Tips for minimising food waste.
  • Installing a compost bin at your workplace.
  • Introducing a ‘Love your leftover’ lunch day.

Talk to local businesses about:

  • Participating in a food rescue scheme.
  • Donating surplus food to OZharvest or other food relief organisations.
  • How they can reduce waste as a business.

Talk to school and university staff about:

  • Helping students reduce food waste.
  • Introducing composting into schools.
  • Donating surplus food.

Write to your local council or Members of Parliament about:

  • Supporting workshops or forums at preschools, childcare centres and schools on growing food, healthy eating, cooking and reducing food waste. 
  • Reducing food wastage at the community and business level, due to its negative environmental impacts and stress on landfill.
  • Developing guidelines for food waste prevention and management within local government institutions and at community events.