Keeping bees can be a rewarding way to interact with the environment and improve the pollination of your veggie patch and surrounding flora. Bees are a crucial in maintaining diverse and resilient ecosystems, however colony numbers are declining, which presents a serious environmental problem. Keeping a hive in your yard boosts pollination in your area while you reap the rewards of the honey the bees leave behind. If beekeeping is too difficult a task, but you still want to bring pollinators to your patch – building a back yard “bee hotel” is a great alternative, providing a safe nesting place for native bees and other insects.

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Beekeeping for beginners: 5 steps

Members of the Sydney Bee Club outline five basic beekeeping steps for complete beginners.


Pip Podcast #18: Natural Beekeeping and Honey with Adrian Iodice

Adrian Iodice from Beekeeping Naturally goes inside the bee hive to learn about how we can best care for our bees and choose honey that supports the health of the bees. Adrian explains his catch phrase ‘It’s not all about the honey’ and we learn how to care for bees in a way that puts their health first and the collection of honey second. Adrian also talks about ways to choose the honey that will best support bees and goes inside the hive and harvest honey.

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