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Buying Free Range & Avoiding Factory Farmed Products

Free range refers to the amount of outdoor space an animal can roam upon freely. Free range producers consider the welfare of their animals, and care about providing them with a fair, healthy, stress free existence up until the time of slaughter. On the other hand – factory farming is the unfortunate reality for many of the animals we consume. In order to minimise costs and maximise production, animals are kept indoors in overcrowded or confined cages or stalls, with no outdoor access or ability to roam freely, resulting in stress and trauma as well as numerous physical health effects. When working together towards a fair food future, we must consider how fair our system is on the animals that are a part of it, paying close attention to how these animals are raised.


Meet Your Meat - Samsara Food Sequence

A striking visual representation of what industrialised food and factory farming looks like in the modern world with views of the meat, poultry and dairy industries.


80,000 Hours – Ending Factory Farming

Over the last two years Lewis Bollard – Project Officer for Farm Animal Welfare at the Open Philanthropy Project – has conducted extensive research into the best ways to eliminate animal suffering in farms as soon as possible. Listening to this episode is among the fastest ways to get up to speed on how animals are mistreated and the best ways to help them.

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