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Crop swapping

Crop swapping is a great way for those who grow their own food to make sure nothing is going to waste. If you have an over-abundance of particular fruits or vegetables in the garden, you can find growers in your area who will exchange their surplus for yours. Organised crop swaps allow multiple growers to come together to share produce with people in their community, while serving as a hub of knowledge and information about local growing. As a regional area, the Illawarra has a vast community of home growers – get to know those around you and minimise waste by swapping your crops.  


Food is Free

Food insecurity is a phrase often applied to developing countries, but it’s easy to forget that there are people within our own communities that may not be able to readily access and experience fresh, healthy, organic food for a variety of reasons. For backyard vegie growers, the problem is often the opposite – how can we sustainably manage excess produce and engage with our community? It can be as simple as sharing - gardeners providing their produce for free to those that need it most.


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