Australia has an abundance of wild and game animals which provide a more sustainable alternative to intensively-farmed domestic meats. Native animals like kangaroo and wallaby are harvested from an abundant wild population, they need minimal resources to raise, and have less impact on the environment compared to traditional livestock. Other sustainable meat alternatives include game like venison, rabbit, goat, buffalo and wild boar, which are all introduced species that directly impact our natural ecosystems. There are numerous game butchers who specialise in these types of meats – just ensure you’re buying wild harvested game which is the most sustainable choice of the products available. 


Macromeats: Kangaroo Sustainability

A short video on Kangaroo meat sustainability and the possible benefits to the environment of increased consumption of kangaroo.


Meat: Ep. 8: Clayton Graham – Get to the Roo of it

Kangaroo is the most sustainable meat around. They are hunted from the wild, they don’t omit methane gas, they don’t destroy our fragile land under foot and it’s all natural. It’s one of the healthiest meats too so why then don’t Australia’s eat it?

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