Composting is an easy way to sustainably discard your kitchen scraps while improving the health of your vegetable garden. Composted food breaks down into a rich black soil, full of nutrients and micro-organisms which can be put back into your garden to help fertilise your veggies. Composting also benefits the environment as food scraps that are discarded to landfill break down anaerobically, releasing methane into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Setting up a compost bin is cheap and simple, and for those without the space, worm farms or community garden shared composts are great alternatives.


The First Steps to Composting

Once you have the right ingredients, composting is simply a matter of knowing how to get started. Gardening Australia host and composting expert Costa Georgiadis guides us through the first steps to composting as part of his compost series for Do Something FoodWise.


All Things Composting with Garden Presenter Angus Stewart

Deryn talks to gardening presenter Angus Stewart about composting waste; the benefits of worm farming and other practical composting methods.

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