For most people, the number one reason to keep chickens is simple: eggs – but keeping chickens has many other benefits. Chickens feed on your food scraps so your organic waste won’t go in the bin, and they also eat nasty bugs whilst fertilising your garden with their manure. Setting up to keep chickens is a straight-forward process – you just need to find the right materials and follow some simple steps.

Regulations on backyard chook keeping

Guidelines for backyard chook keeping in NSW are set by the state government and monitored by your local Council. You don't need permission from Council for a poultry house if you follow requirements of the NSW State Planning Policy State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 and the Local Government Act.


How to Care for Chickens from a Chicken Whisperer

Millie Ross visited chicken expert Jessamy Miller, who grow up on a chicken farm, to discuss how to look after chickens. Jessamy thinks chickens are good for your mental health, well-being and the garden – as she says, ‘Who wouldn’t love a pet that makes your breakfast!’


Suburban Chickens

On this All the Dirt Podcast, Steve and Deryn talk keeping chickens in the suburban backyard and then later are joined by special guest Linda Mitchener from the Green Life Soil Company. Finally Audrey explains her perfect olive preservation recipe.

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