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Know the dates

In Australia, the expected life of our packaged food is indicated by one of two date marks: Best Before and Use By. Confusion around what these dates mean and how to follow them means a lot of food that is still fine to eat is often thrown away. The Use By date indicates the date by which food must be eaten or thrown away, even if there is no sign of spoilage. Best Before means a product will remain safe to eat after the date, provided it is not spoiled, damaged or perished. Check the date on your food – if it’s after the Best Before date, check it – and if it looks ok, it should be safe to eat.   


Date Label Tips by NSW EPA

Use by and best before dates can be a little confusing. This video will let you know what each date means and how to make the most of them.


Minimising Food Waste

We need to be thinking of clever ways to reduce, and utilise the amount of food that we are bringing into our households - as well as considering our options of disposing of the food waste afterwards. Jacqui and Lisa discuss some of the ways they try to minimise their impact, and invite you to join them on their journey.

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