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Learning how to preserve

The art of preservation is a simple and rewarding craft that allows us to extend the life of the food we buy. It also saves us money, reduces waste and turns our food into new and tasty condiments with an array of uses. Any fresh food that’s a bit wilted or past its prime can be preserved. Start off simply with pickling, dehydrating or jam-making, then move onto things like fermentation or curing as you become more confident. For less experienced cooks – preservation workshops are a popular way to learn preserving techniques and we have many available in the Illawarra.


This is how you ferment food at home

Cass Hay has been fermenting at home for around two years and has learnt a lot in that time. Chop, salt, pack, submerge — here are her seven tips on fermenting your veggies at home.


What’s The Dill With Pickles?

We chat with Sydney’s Queen of Pickles, and owner of Cornersmith Cafe & Picklery, Alex Elliott-Howery. We talk about the evolution of Cornersmith, the role of community, educating through cooking schools, cookbooks, minimising waste, food security and the role Cornersmith has, and will continue to play in this COVID world.

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