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Perfect portions

Preparing the right amount of food is one of the best ways to minimise food waste. Following recipes or using a serving size calculator are easy ways to help with portion control. Our hands can also be used as a guide. Per portion, potatoes, rice, pasta and legumes should be the size of your clenched fist, cooked vegetables should be the size of one cupped hand, greens should equal two cupped hands, meat should be the size and thickness of your palm, two eggs is a portion, and for spreads and dressings compare the amount to the size of your thumb.


Perfect Portion Tips by NSW EPA

Love having a full plate of food but never seem to finish it? Measuring your portions can help you have a clean plate.


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The no-waste movement has never been more relevant. In this weekly podcast, delicious. food director Phoebe Wood, joined by special guests, thought leaders and innovators, will inspire no-waste techniques to apply at home.

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