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Plan your meals

Planning your meals can save you time and money while reducing waste and helping ensure you enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. You also won’t need to worry about what’s for dinner after a busy day. How you plan is up to you – start simple by planning three dinners or be completely prepared by setting out all your meals for an entire week. You can further reduce waste and costs by purchasing ingredients that are in season or on special or can be used in more than one meal. For example, if you have mince leftover from spaghetti bolognaise you can transform it into tacos for another night. You can also pre-prepare meals or ingredients and freeze them for easy meals when you’re short on time or have a change of plans. Planning is a simple first step towards reducing food waste, ensuring you only buy, cook and eat what you need and minimising what goes in the bin.


EPA Meal planning

It may seem old fashioned, but meal planning can be that little gem which saves you time and money.


Living a No Waste Life with Max La Manna

Max La Manna is the perfect example of a typical kid that grew up in the late 80's and 90's in America thinking eating an Italian American style diet, including animal products like meats and cheeses, was normal and healthy.  Despite always being slightly more conscious about the environment than his peers, which he credits to the way he was raised, there was a pivotal moment in Max's life where his consciousness went to a new level.  To an extent this moment redefined who he was and helped him work out his true purpose.  Today Max is an all round great guy, a passionate vegan and an advocate for living a no waste life.

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