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Planting a veggie garden

For those who have the space, a backyard veggie patch is the simplest way to produce your own food – and you don’t have to be an experienced gardener to begin. Start with a small bed and easy to grow staples like tomatoes, spinach or lettuce then expand your plot as you learn more. Some basic info on soil preparation and seasonality is handy to get you started – then there’s a wealth of books and online resources out there to get you growing like a professional.


How to prepare a veggie patch

Enjoy the first episode of Eco-organic garden, on how to prepare your very own organic veggie patch with passionate gardener Fabian Capomolla.


Starting a Resilience Garden

Yael Zaidman is a nurturer of life. Whether she is working with compost, soil microbes, worms, plants, or seeds, she brings all to life. Yael has experience building and growing farms and gardens from small scale backyard gardens to managing the greenhouse propagation and starts for a 100 acre organic farm

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