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Use the whole thing

A lot of the food we purchase is discarded simply because we don’t know how to use it or because it is considered undesirable to eat. In the vegetable world, carrot tops, beetroot stems or potato peels are perfectly edible, packed with nutrients and can serve as delicious additions to a wholesome meal. For meat, the “nose to tail” philosophy encourages using every possible part of an animal to minimise waste and to respect the animal’s life. Cooking in our comfort zone means many of us have been confined to the familiar when it comes to which parts of our produce we eat. Have a look at what you discard and ask yourself if it’s edible. If so, the chances are it’s also delicious.  


The Whole Ingredient

Paul Mercurio shows how to cook with the whole ingredient. One ingredient, three ways to Love Food Hate Waste.


Zero Waste Cooking

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