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Verge gardens & urban agriculture

If you don’t have the space to grow food in your yard – planting on your verge or nature strip can be a great way to grow your own food. Any verge garden must allow for pedestrian access and regulations will differ between regions so before you plant, just check what your local council allows. Urban agriculture is another alternative where the urban environment is used to grow food. Rooftops, unused council land, public spaces and vacant blocks are just some potential spaces – you just need to get in touch with the manager of the space and discuss plans to get growing.


Verge Gardening Done Right

Many of us would love to grow our own fruit and veggies, but just don’t have the space at home to do it. Graham is meeting two talented Aussies who have come up with a very clever solution. Seven years ago, Caroline Kemp and Duncan McNaught started Urban Food Street in the leafy Sunshine Coast suburb of Buderim. Their organisation plans to completely revolutionise the great Australian veggie garden by moving it to an underused and forgotten area – the nature strip!


Digging into community gardening with Ron Finley

How is planting food in your community revolutionary? Just ask Ron Finley. Frustrated with the lack of healthy food in his part of LA, Ron took matters into his own hands, picked up a shovel and built a garden.

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