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About Us

Food Fairness Illawarra (FFI) is a community coalition passionate about Fair Food for all people in the Illawarra.

Approximately 21,600 people are food insecure in the Illawarra, meaning they don’t have access to sufficient, fresh, nutritious, safe and sustainable food (NSW Health 2015). Food insecurity can cause health effects such as childhood developmental delays, poor physical and mental health and social isolation (Barbour et al. 2017). 

Hence we are passionate:

  • To bring together interested community members, partners, stakeholders and groups who are committed to the goal of ensuring food security in the Illawarra.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of food security in the Illawarra community
  • To highlight local food security issues, particularly the need for culturally appropriate food on a regular and reliable basis for all people.
  • To work with partners to develop and secure funding for programs that promote food security.
  • To collate, record and distribute information and share skills and expertise about food programs and schemes in the Illawarra.
  • To lobby and advocate food fairness at a local level to influence policy.
  • To ensure that the values and beliefs of social justice underpin all local action and planning for food security in line with Article 25 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of themselves and of their family, including food…”


FFI is led by representatives of six key organisations (Healthy Cities Illawarra, NSW Health, Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama Councils and the University of Wollongong) and has a wider network of over 500 individuals, community groups, charities and non-government organisations. FFI is committed to addressing all factors that affect people’s access to good food in our region. We understand the complex and interwoven nature of food insecurity and recognise the need for collaboration between community, industry and governments to unlock fairer food solutions. FFI formed in October 2005, during Anti-Poverty Week, and continues to meet on a quarterly basis.

The FFI coalition receives no on-going direct funding and is reliant on the good will and resources of its FFI Community, the secretariat support provided by Healthy Cities Illawarra which is a NSW Health funded NGO, and the inclusion of food security initiatives in the work roles and staff hours from partner organisations.

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