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Fair food volunteer opportunities Low cost & free meals Organisations accepting food donations

Low-cost community dinner 5:30pm - 7:30pm (2 course for $5pp or $15 per family) on Fridays during school term at Northern Illawarra Uniting Church, Point St, Bulli.


Connection, coffee and chats 9am - 11am on Thursdays at Globe Lane, Wollongong.

Our mission is to empower, connect, and provide food to those in the community who are facing tough life challenges. We aim to provide a listening ear and support local families without discrimination. Our community dinner provides two courses for $5 per person or $15 per family. 

In addition, we work in partnership with community organisations by providing food 'gifts' for them to distribute as required to those in the community who need emergency food relief.  

Volunteer opportunities
Join a team of volunteers who give their time to transform lives. Opportunities include packing hampers, setting up for outreach and serving the community.

Food donations
Non-perishable food donations are welcome.

Local food collection points are available and changing regularly.

Food donations can always be dropped off at:

  • Uniting Church, Point St, Bulli - Food collection bin available for food donations via the car park at anytime
  • Globe Lane, Wollongong

Please contact for more information, thank you!

What They Offer

Emergency Relief Free Meal Accept Donations Mobile Coffee Van
“Shaz is an absolute godsend and needs to be commended for the fantastic work and services she provides” Hi, my name is Bill Eleftheriadis. My wife fell Ill a couple of years ago, due to her illness I had to stop working. Our finances suffered as a result and so did every aspect of our life. We received support from the Salvation Army but got to the point where we had nothing to feed our kids. This was putting immense stress on me and added to my wife’s illness. We went to Centrelink and were referred to NEED A FEED. When Shaz, from NEED A FEED, contacted me I was in two minds because I had never met someone so generous and genuine in all my life. After our few meetings I haven’t ever had to worry about food being in the house and my children going without. Shaz is considered a part of my family with all the help she has given us. She is an absolute godsend and needs to be commended for the fantastic work and services she provides to people that are struggling, even in this day of age. Shaz it is an absolute pleasure to know and have met you and to have your ongoing support for my family. She didn’t know us or our circumstances, all she knew was that we were in need being that desperate is completely humiliating but meeting someone as giving, caring and passionate about helping people as Shaz is utterly humbling, she gives without thought or expectation of reciprocation, and when I say gives I mean GIVES!!!! For a family of six, she gave us enough food to last us close to a month. The best thing about Shaz though, she really does care about those that she helps its always wonderful to hear from her. Shaz, you are one in a million rare gift who helps people because you choose to, not because you have to, you are a living angel. You give from the heart and that’s why you will always have a place in my heart and the heart of those you have touched. Thank you. God Bless you and your family. Bill Eleftheriadis “I grew up in a family that didn’t show me a lot of love so coming to the Need a Coffee van each day gives me something to look forward to and hope for my future” Bec

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Wollongong & Surrounds
Northern Illawarra Uniting Church, Point St, Bulli
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Together towards a fair food system

The Illawarra holds endless opportunities to participate in fair food. For health, for the environment, or for our community - we all can play a role!

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