As an island nation, Australia is lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of fisheries and seafood options. Despite this, 70% of the seafood we consume in Australia is imported. Biodiversity between fish species make some more susceptible to overfishing than others. There’s also a vast range of wild harvest and fish farming practices, all with varying environmental impacts and sustainability factors – so it’s important to be educated on what seafood we’re buying. A good place to begin is talking with your local fishmonger, who can give plenty of information on how to choose sustainable seafood.


Introducing GoodFish - Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide

For years, our supporters contacted us with queries that went along the lines of: "I love our oceans and I love eating seafood - how can I make a sustainable choice?" So we developed Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide, which became Australia’s first online sustainability guide for seafood consumers in Australia. 16 years on, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide has matured and become known as GoodFish.


Little Green Pod – Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable seafood Are there really plenty of fish in the sea? Fi takes a tour of the Sydney Fish Market and finds out how to shop for seafood without pillaging the ocean. Farmer and chef Matthew Evans also shares his advice on what to eat and what to throw back.

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