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Volunteer with a community organisation

A direct opportunity to help ensure food security for all is to volunteer. Food relief organisations, community centres, distribution hubs, local farms, and education providers are just some of the places that take volunteers – with activities ranging from sorting, packing, serving and distributing donated food, helping with communications and social media to facilitating workshops. Many of these organisations often have limited resources – so volunteering is a great way to help. It also an opportunity to meet like-minded people and become involved in the fair food community.

Whatever your interests, the Illawarra has a range of volunteer opportunities for those willing to give their time to ensure food security for all.


Volunteering At Food Bank

Volunteering with Foodbank Victoria is a fun and rewarding way to give back to the community and help in the fight against hunger.


The Value of Volunteering

Working alongside some of the world’s biggest workforce programs including London 2012, Tough Mudder, The Houston Super Bowl and now, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Andy draws on his experience to discuss the true value of volunteering. While most organizations focus on the financial contribution volunteers provide, we discuss the more intangible value - experience.

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