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Ensuring food security for all

What is fair food?

Fair food is food that is good for the environment, good for the people who eat it, good for the people who grow it and good for the community. 

An opportunity to support food security throughout our community

Food security is a basic human right and a building block for our lives, health, family connections and social interactions. Lack of access to food can lead to significant health impacts including developmental delays in children, poor physical and mental health and social isolation. For the prosperity of our community, it is vital that we have access to affordable, nutritious and safe food that meets our dietary needs, cultural requirements and food preferences to live an active lifestyle.

Food insecurity defines a spectrum of circumstances that range from occasional anxiety over accessing food to going without food altogether. At Food Fairness Illawarra, our goal is to make healthy and sustainable food available and affordable for all. We all have a variety of knowledge and skills which we can bring to the food security table. Whether its participating in your local food community, advocating, educating, volunteering or simply donating food – we are surrounded by opportunities to help ensure food security for all.