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Box Divvy

Veg box systems

Our aim is to change the food system. A social enterprise business offering customised box sharing in fruit, veg, bread, eggs, groceries, chill and meat/seafood/chicken. We are partners with Western Sydney Diabetes Food Alliance/NSW Health.

Box Divvy produce is 30-40% cheaper than online supermarkets as we don't have storage and no food waste. 'Just-in-time' in that day and out using local growers and food wholesalers.

To find Box Divvy Food Hubs in the Illawarra https://app.boxdivvy.com.au/find-hubs, how it works https://www.boxdivvy.com/join-a-food-hub or Run a Box Divvy as a 'side-hustle' https://www.boxdivvy.com/run-a-food-hub

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PO Box 122 Wingham 2429
0421 927 458
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Together towards a fair food system

The Illawarra holds endless opportunities to participate in fair food. For health, for the environment, or for our community - we all can play a role!

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