Food relief organisations play a critical role in rescuing perfectly good food from going to waste and helping to re-distribute it to those in need. Levels of food insecurity can vary from feeling uncertain about the ability to obtain enough food for your family, to always being hungry. It’s an immediate issue, that requires immediate action – and one of the ways to help is to donate food.

There are numerous food relief organisations in the Illawarra, which accept food donations from individuals and larger donations from businesses.


Food Donations at the Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre

Need A Feed and The Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre collaborate in the distribution of donated food to go towards helping those in need with their breakfast program.


The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Hungry – Travis Harvey, Oz Harvest

Turning unwanted coconuts into 2000 curries, 10 tonnes of donated squash into soup, leftover egg yolks from 16,000 Black Star Pastry watermelon-strawberry cakes into banana curd and working out what to do with 800 kilograms of airplane food picked up from the domestic airport gate – these are just some of the things that Travis Harvey handles as executive chef of food-rescue charity OzHarvest.

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