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Sharing Knowledge and Resources

Food literacy is about understanding food and its impact on your health, the environment and the economy. We all have different levels of understanding about food literacy and food security and the resources that are available. Talk with your friends, family, peers and colleagues about food security, share your knowledge and spread the word to emphasise issues and opportunities that help ensure food security for all.

A good place to start is to explore and share this field guide, which offers everything from low cost and free meal directories to food security fact sheets, journal articles, donation information and opportunities to support local food.


Sustain: What we do and we can only do it together!

Explaining food systems succinctly is a challenge. Encapsulating everything from microbes to economics and governance is no mean feat. Sustain successfully highlights in their "What we do" video that as a collective movement working to make healthy and sustainable food available and affordable for all, we must take this moment to bring as many people with us as possible.


Better Food Better World

In this episode of better food better world the hosts explore the supply chain’s connection to our food systems, look at who is affected by poor nutrition, and share what we can do to improve the quality of the food we consume. Elizabeth and her guests understand the heavy burden our world is facing and believe that we can choose to do food better.

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