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Working Collaboratively

Food security is a complex issue that involves social, economic and environmental challenges. In order to address these, we must collaborate and share our skills and expertise. Food Fairness Illawarra was created in 2005 to connect organisations, educators and advocates within the community to collaboratively action food security in the Illawarra.

Whatever your skill, education, occupation or interest – there are many opportunities for us to work together towards a secure food future. 


Starting a movement: Changing the global food system | Lilia Smelkova

Health, hunger, environment, animal welfare, and farmworker justice are all core parts of the global food system that are in need of reform. But, too often, they are seen as separate issues, with organizations focusing narrowly and missing how they can work together on the whole. There are countless opportunities where they can build on each other’s strengths, cross-pollinating ideas for the common good...


Can we make food security failsafe in the age of climate change?

As the world's population steadily rises and we combat the omnipresent threat of climate change, global food security is on borrowed time. But how can we achieve a sustainable diet?

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